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Today is an auspicious occasion for the denizens of the Underworld! For you see, twenty years ago today, a little game known as Dungeon Keeper was unleashed upon the world by Bullfrog Productions and Electronic Arts.

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Placed into the mind of an abhorrently cruel godlike being, you were charged with the creation and management of a deathly dungeon and its despicable denizens.

This unique concoction of gaming flavours would go on to touch countless lives, and become a cult classic with a dedicated following all across the globe.

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It is now one of the most recognisable achievements of Bullfrog, which considering their success, is truly saying something. A sequel, the aptly titled Dungeon Keeper 2, was released two years later in Fans bayed for the promised third coming but it was never to be. The years slipped away into the abyss, like so many Lords of the Land, but the Dungeon Management community grew in both size and age. With no sign of a new Dungeon Keeper on the horizon, it began to scheme and plan projects that could take up the reins of evil.

If the industry would not fill the gap in our lives with anything of value at least… then we would do so ourselves. Dozens of projects coalesced and dissolved. One such project, first envisioned on the Keeper Klan forums in , reformed in , and successfully Kickstarted in January , is now better known by a name that meant so much to every Dungeon Keeper fan: War for the Overworld! We wanted to create a game that held as true as possible to the DNA of Dungeon Keeper — a game that could truly be considered a spiritual successor, taking what we felt was best about the gameplay and finding places to evolve it into a modern Dungeon Management game in its own right.

So allow us to now share a few tales from our team:. My first experience of Dungeon Keeper was shortly after its release in when I was just a wee lad of 6 years. As I watched my brother play I just knew I had to have a go! I waited… and waited while my brother played. Days later I finally got my chance!

I sat down in the big seat, eager as you might imagine a 6-year-old would be, and played my first level. So eager was I to build that I forgot to give my Imps time to fortify the walls. My dungeon was destroyed by the invading heroes before it even began! Rather pathetically I had lost the first level. From then on I played the game on and off through the years. As I grew I became more and more competent. I finally beat the game and begged my parents to buy the sequel in they eventually gave in.

I often look back on them as two of my favourite games ever made. For years I talked with friends about wanting to learn how to make games myself so I could work on something like that, but being pragmatic as I am, I decided to pursue a life in computer networking.

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From there I became extremely active in the community, and the rest is history. Dungeon Keeper played a huge role in my life, and without it I would not be where I am today — helping to shape a fantastic Dungeon Management game and a dedicated community around it!

Thanks for all the fun times and memories Bullfrog! You will always be missed! From an early age I knew that I wanted to be a game developer, after all my father had been one for my entire life so it seemed like a natural fit. I know that I was certainly quite young, perhaps 7 or so when I dove headfirst into Dungeon Keeper 2. I was always a big fan of strategy games such as Command and Conquer and Populous: The Beginning, and something about DK2 really called to me.

Keeper Klan is still a hot location for Dungeon Management fans! I remember spending hours just working my way through the campaign and the disappointment that came in knowing that there would never be a third game. Over the years I watched games attempt to capture the magic, but nothing ever felt quite right. Dungeon Keeper was a game I played far before I ever considered becoming a game developer.

It was a game I found myself reinstalling often to get that unique management game fix that only the DK series seems to have ever given. My gamedev story in brief is one of self-learning and a lot of failed experiments.

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A lot. I have the DK series to thank for the high benchmark I pressured myself to achieve, and it was a constant inspiration and driving force as my attempts to make games became progressively more complex.

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Although I never played DK1 as a kid, its sequel completely grabbed my attention. Atmospherically, Dungeon Keeper 2 was captivating. The gritty colours, the eerie sounds, the twisted style of the landscape, made the dungeon management experience so inviting and addictive.

Being introduced to the game by my friends, I was immersed into a dark world so unlike many other games. It felt as if few games were willing to explore the point of view of the bad guy, which made the whole experience even more exciting. For me, creating an army of my favourite creatures and traps meant playing so many hours of skirmish matches.

I feel games like Dungeon Keeper are so inspirational for their integrity of their vision and feeling. Many years ago now I remember having an absolute blast when playing Dungeon Keeper 2 online with my friends. From my experiences playing I was inspired to teach myself programming so that I could develop video games, and started working on a prototype in the UDK engine with similar principles to Dungeon Keeper.

It was a huge challenge — Dungeon Keeper is an extremely unique game and honestly something of a technical marvel for its time. The rest is as they say is history! Thing is, I loved Theme Park. But I think discovering it as an adult, without the aid of nostalgia, just shows how much of a timeless experience Dungeon Keeper is. The black comedy is always there, and I can only marvel at the succinct wit of the script, and deadpan delivery of Richard Ridings.

These days there are dozens of Dungeon Management games, either released or in production, all inspired by a single progenitor to some degree.

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  • Dungeon Keeper is to us what games like Wolfenstein or Doom are to the FPS genre — a true genre-defining classic that has inspired countless people to carry the torch and get into game making themselves. It is our honour to truly have been a project by fans of Dungeon Keeper, for fans of Dungeon Keeper.

    Click here to discuss this update on our forums. Click here to chat about this update on our Discord Never miss an update! Sign up to our newsletter! I love this. I remember how much time I used to spend on Keeper Klan in the mid-late 00s, seeing all the different attempts to create spiritual sequels or outright re-make Dungeon Keeper was so fascinating.

    Whenever someone would put out an alpha of their work on a Dungeon Keeper engine I would get so giddy, no matter how many times people tried and failed. I have some memory of when WFTO was very first posted on Keeper Klan, though if I remember correctly there were two games with the same title.

    But if I remember correctly there was a tech demo with wall-tops that look slightly similar to the ones in the full game. I remember walking into my favorite place:the EB Games store at the mall, and right next to the video game magazines they had the original DK trailer playing on a computer in the corner of the store.

    Usually old game remakes are worse than the original e.

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    Jagged Allience 2. But War for the Overworld does transport the oldschool feeling, and adds gameplay to it. So it is an improvement even. War For The Overworld. Home Game Media Info Community.

    Twenty Years of Dungeon Management. Darkest greetings Underlord, Today is an auspicious occasion for the denizens of the Underworld!

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    The pioneering gameplay of slapping Imps — Dungeon Keeper — Electronic Arts — Bullfrog Productions This unique concoction of gaming flavours would go on to touch countless lives, and become a cult classic with a dedicated following all across the globe.

    So allow us to now share a few tales from our team: Lee Moon — Community Manager My first experience of Dungeon Keeper was shortly after its release in when I was just a wee lad of 6 years. Nano Boucher — Director, Programmer Hello. So I have been nerding this game for 20 years now.

    Thank you for creating this game. It restores my faith in the world partially. Newsletter signup Email Permission : I give my consent to War for the Overworld to be in touch with me via email using the information I have provided in this form for the purpose of news, updates and marketing.

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